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Published on May 15, 2020, this second plugin aims to improve the Gutenberg editing experience.

Go the plugin at the bottom of the page.

Fullscreen mode

As of WordPress version 5.4, the Fullscreen mode of the Gutenberg content editor is activated by default. That is to say that when a user creates or modifies a publication on his site, the editor will appear in full screen.

However, this setting is not definitive and it is entirely possible to deactivate this editing mode (provided that the user is able to modify it). However, editing in fullscreen mode has flaws, however.

Change and consequences

For my part, I think that the editor in fullscreen mode allows a more pleasant work of creation and modification of the content. It obviously frees up space on the screen and allows the contributor to benefit from a more refined, simplified interface. By going into fullscreen mode, you remove several elements from the page and it is then easier to focus on your editing work.

But these changes are not without consequences. Fullscreen mode removes important elements from the administration interface: the tool bar at the top of the page and the main administration menu on the side.

In this sense I agree with the post of Jean-Baptiste Audras which offers a script (and an plugin) for “Disable Block Editor default FullScreen mode“.

Even if I’m fully involved in WordPress version 5.4 –as a member of the release squad– I have to admit I’m not super comfortable with the editor in fullscreen mode by default. Indeed, I prefer to always keep a direct access to WP-Admin main menu.

Jean-Baptiste Audras


Based on the previous script by Jean-Baptiste Audras, I then sought to propose an alternative.

WP Quick Admin Main Menu therefore solves the problem of accessing the admin main menu. The editor in fullscreen mode will still be operational but the administration menu will also be available if you hover over the button back to the posts list.

You then have a clear view to edit your content while enjoying immediate access to all the different parts of the administration of your WordPress.

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