WORK IS OVER ! If you want it.

Those few words found their place on the right side of my laptop a few months ago. And, what just seemed to reflect my mood at the time, appeared to be useful every day.

I don’t remember where this is coming from, but there are two reasons why this sticker is still stuck on my laptop. It’s precisely what I want to share with you.


If like me, you are a self-employed worker or a freelance (whatever you are calling it), you probably always have in the back of your mind a little voice reminding you to what extent your future only depends on you and your work.

The risk, when one is not careful, is to have the tendency to work too much. Too much for your brain, too much for your body, way too much to have any time left for relatives. Even though today I do not make this kind of excess, this sticker is still here to remind me that if i desire so, my day work can be over. I’m the one controlling my work schedule. Very often, it’s not the work that is demanding, but we’re imposing ourselves to give it more.
The work is over, if you want it.


Lately, the second reason is the one corresponding the most to my daily life. Instead of working until collapsing, you should probably think of investing yourself in a side project.

Yes, it’s good idea to work a little less and to give a bit more on a different project than your usual one. It’s a good way to give you space for your thoughts to flow freely, to learn and experience new things. It’s also a means to recover a liking for your work. It removes your nose from the grindstone and restores meaning to what you’re doing. Moreover, the time that you will spend developing this new idea is as much time invested to work on your skills.
It’s all good.

At first sight, you may be under the impression that you are lacking time, but in reality, the time allocation could be different.
The work is over, if you want it.

It’s right now ! If you want it.

All in all, the meaning of this little sticker is, I think, to take action, to start.
This is right now! if you want it.

To start, this is often the hardest part. If you have an idea, it’s worth following it and put some strength into it. As for myself, I currently have two projects with their own goals.

Graines de Mane
Created 3 years ago, it’s an outreach website about the agricultural questions and issues. We set up a little association and things are moving in the right direction. It’s not very « tech » (but then again…) and it’s fascinating.

WP Advanced Menu
Second and last project under development. I would like to sell a Premium WordPress plugin. It’s a solution, which to my knowledge, does not exist yet. I don’t have any idea about its future but I’m looking forward to seeing what it will bring to me.

On a final note, if you need inspiration, numerous projects are visible on This website is itself a side project, I think that we have come full circle.

For any questions, precisions, corrections, opinions, it’s in the comment section.

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