#posetagraine (#putyourseed) is a hashtag recently launched by the website grainesdemane.fr.
Let me introduce it to you.

What is Graines de Mane ?

As mentioned in the previous article, I currently have two projects in parallel of my professional activity. The first is the website grainesdemane.fr (from the association of the same name).

The presentation page summarizes pretty well the objectives of the project:

Food, environment, climate, economy, health, geopolitics, employment: issues related to agriculture far exceed the agricultural parcel scale and concern all of us, citizens and consumers. The desire to explain, share, popularize and debate agricultural issues in a rigorous and well-reasoned way has germinated the idea of participatory website Graines de Mane.


Living in rural area, we must recognize that there are plenty of farmers around. And in the end, the reality of agriculture has never been very far from me. On the other hand, when I met the small team of agricultural engineers of Graines de Mane, I began to realize the importance of the agricultural question in society.

And it is without much debate that I let myself embark on the adventure by joining the association that was being formed.

Evolution of content

Initially, the website grainesdemane.fr published articles classified into 3 broad categories: in the fields, in the plate and in the world.

From the beginning, he has always wanted to collaborate and regularly offers readers to submit their articles. The website was exclusively text (and images of course).

Later, and after a few tries, the interviews appear but also some videos. This results in a series of videos on the occasion of the International Meeting of Agriculture of the Living to discover among others in the new tab: Videos. I specify new tab because the contents evolve and the layout and organization of the website too.

Although the audience is growing (> 55,000 page views / year), the diversification of authors is progressing slowly despite some participations. Graines de Mane offers quality content and writing requires a certain rigor that can be an obstacle to potential authors.

In addition, the publication of an article also requires a rereading time and an upstream contact for the new author. These are all likely obstacles to their participation.


In recent months, the issue of content diversification has come up regularly in meetings. How to propose new incentive formats? This new format could be a new form of article (like interviews) or something more oriented towards the image or the video.

However, this new format should allow us to develop new content in the direction of our commitments. And it is after many exchanges, that the idea of #posetagraine arrived.

I quote the introductory article:

This vocation to explain and popularize the diversity of agricultural issues is the essence of Graines de Mane. The success of the website reinforces our belief that agriculture is about everyone and deserves better than superficial and often caricatural debates. We now wish to take another step in our adventure by highlighting the participative dimension of Graines de Mane. We are launching the participatory network “Pose ta graine” to highlight those who have expertise in agricultural issues: farmers of course, but also advisers, engineers, technicians, researchers.


#posetagraine is aimed at all those concerned with agricultural issues and will help facilitate and structure speaking.

Everyone can show what he does in his field, what he studies, what he sees. How? By short videos posted on social networks with the keyword #posetagraine and mention @grainesdemane. We will relay them on our dedicated page on the website.


We hope that everyone will be able to appropriate this hashtag. At present, the launch is very recent but there are already some seeds!

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