What I'm doing right now

This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. A nearly-always updated page of what I’m up to these days.

Training and maintenance

I give regularly training and do more and more maintenance of WordPress websites next to the usual orders. I give training around social networks or WordPress and start to maintain WordPress websites with TMA contract.


I also start writing some articles in my blog. It’s pretty new. The idea is to testify different aspects of my business. I will also like eventually to publish some posts about the people with whom I had the pleasure of working (we’ll see).

Working method

I’m also working more and more without real quotes but rather time spent on a project. For that and for the times dedicated to the maintenance of the customer websites, I use Clokify since a few months.

WP Advanced Menu

Finally, since September, I am giving more time to my WordPress plugin project: WP Advanced Menu. An article of presentation should not be long to be published and a beta version will be soon!

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